NVivo 11 Pro

The latest version of NVivo is 11. You can download NVivo 11 Pro for Windows and Mac here. The look of the interface has been updated, and the coding and query processes have been simplified.

Note: you can open projects created with NVivo 10 in NVivo 11. The first time you open a project created in NVivo 10, it will be converted into NVivo 11.

Some of the new features included in NVivo 11 are:

  • Case nodes (nodes that represent participants) are included in a separate folder 'Cases' within the Nodes menu. If you convert a project from NVivo 10, classified case nodes will be converted to cases and stored on the Cases folder.
  • Exchange data with quantitative analysis tools such as Excel and SPSS.
  • New types of visualizations: Comparison diagrams which compare two of the same kinds of project items (nodes, sources etc); Explore diagrams: show all items connected to a selected project item. This video from QSR explains the new diagram types.
  • Draw Mind Maps, Concept Maps, and Project Maps to help visualize data and results. Unlike Diagrams, which NVivo generates for you, you draw Maps yourself.
  • Import and analyse information from a greater variety of sources, including social media data and emails.
  • Import files from a greater variety of software, including SurveyMonkey, OneNote, EverNote.
  • NVivo for Mac can now import sources from reference management software, such as Endnote
  • Order NVivo-ready transcripts (additional fees apply)