NVivo for Mac and NVivo for Windows projects

Mac users can download a version of NVivo for Mac from the Student IT support site (check 'Introduction to NVivo' for further instructions). However, it's worth noting that not all NVivo tools are available in the Mac version as it is still under development. For an overview of the differences between NVivo for Mac and Windows, please check this NVivo feature comparison list.

Even though you can work with a project on both Windows and Mac, it is recommended that you work with your project on a single platform due to some limitations and issues that may arise when working on the same project on both platforms.

NVivo for Mac video tutorials

Even though you will follow the same processes that we have outlined for NVivo for Windows, you may find that menus look different and and some tools/actions are performed differently (some tools are also located in different menus in the Mac version).

QSR International has produced a series of how-to videos for Mac users that can be helpful. The video below is an introduction to these how-to videos; check this playlist if you need further help.