MyRI Online Tutorial


Online tutorial that provides an excellent overview of research metrics.

Also includes various printable resources.

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What other citation tools are available?

Not all disciplines are well represented in the common citation analysis tools. Some databases provide citation counts only (without analysis). See samples below:

ACM Digital Library Covers computing literature from the Association of Computing Machinery. Citation Count will be listed in the Bibliometrics section of each search result.                   

Business Source Complete

See "Cited References"  

CITec (Citations in Economics)

Provides citation analysis from the RePEc (Research in Economics) database.


Free resource. Useful for computing & information sciences. Select 'include citations'.
IEEE Explore Includes articles from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer's (IEEE) journals and conference proceedings.  You can sort your search results by Most Cited and see the number of times an article has been cited on the search results page.

JSTOR Emphasis on humanities & social sciences. Citation count available.
MathSciNET (AMS)

Indexes mathematical literature. Has a special search feature called "Author Citations."


Biomedical database. Select 'Find citing ariticles'


Multidiscplinary. See 'cited by'

Science Direct

Covers scientific, medical, and technical articles and books. Select 'Cited by'

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Provides citation and download counts.