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What are data management plans?

Research data management plans are documents that describe:

  • what data will be created or used in a research project
  • who will own the data, and who will have access to it
  • where the data will be stored
  • what will happen to the data at the end of the project.

La Trobe University research data management planning tool

La Trobe University has an online research data management planning tool that all researchers at the University should use to help manage their research data and comply with the University's requirements. To access the tool, click on the banner below:

RDMP Tool Banner

To create or update a research data management plan:

  • If accessing the tool from off-campus, you must activate the VPN client. Instructions for doing this are here.
  • Go to the Research Data Management Planning Tool log-in page
  • Log in using your standard La Trobe University username and password
  • To create a new research data management plan, click on the appropriate link under Options (top left of screen)
  • To update an existing plan, click on the "Edit Plan" icon corresponding to the plan you wish to update (right of screen)
  • Note that you don't have to complete your plan immediately. You can answer as many questions as you are able to, then save your plan and update it at a later time as necessary.

Why plan?

Taking the time to plan research data management at the start of a research project creates benefits during the project, and after the project is complete.

Benefits include:

  • improved efficiency in the handling of your data
  • data is easier to find, interpret and analyse
  • caring for your data reflects its high value and leads to improved research quality
  • protection from data-related risks such as data errors, data loss or security breaches
  • funding bodies are increasingly requiring evidence of data management planning in their policies and conditions

La Trobe University research data management policy

La Trobe University requires a research data management plan be created with all new research proposals and subsequently updated to reflect any changes or developments in the project. Chief Investigators (CIs) are responsible for doing this.

For each new project, there must be documentation that specifies what data is to be generated by the research and what plans there are for managing it. Data management issues that should also be considered/documented include:

  • collection of data and primary materials
  • ownership of data and primary materials
  • retention of data and primary materials
  • export or supply of data and primary materials
  • storage and preservation of data and primary materials.

La Trobe University also requires that in the active research phase Chief Investigators provide sufficient information to identify the following about the data:

  • storage location
  • attribution
  • ethical approvals
  • provenance
  • access provisions and terms of use.

See the La Trobe University Research Data Management Policy, sections (12), (15), and (25).