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Where to get help

Maths Skills Program

If you are enrolled in courses in the College of SHE and need extra help to improve your maths skills, you can do the Maths Skills Program. It’s free and offers worksheets, an online independent learning component from MyMathsTest, and teacher support.

It is delivered each semester, beginning in Week 2 and runs for 15 weeks.

The Maths Skills Program offers modules in these subject areas

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
    • Calculus and Differential Equations
    • Mathematics Applications in Biology
    • Number Systems and Linear Algebra
    • Discrete Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Engineering


How does the Maths Skills program work?
  • The Maths Skills modules can be completed in five weeks, although you may continue to access the program until the end of semester.
  • You can opt to start early, on request and the program runs through the examination period.
  • If you are not studying one of the participating subjects but wish to join the program, email Deborah at

The Maths Skills program consists of three complementary components.

  • Topic Worksheets provide theory, problem-solving practice, questions written in context, worked examples, exercises, relevance and guidance.
  • The MyMathTest software package includes practice exercises used in self-paced learning. There is a Study Plan with explanation and video help. There are also self-tests for each topic for students to test their knowledge.
  • Support on campuses
    • Melbourne campus - Face-to-face drop-in help sessions/workshops run for the length of the program.
    • Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga campuses - Introductory sessions only, but help is provided throughout the semester via email links.


How do I access the Maths Skills program?

You will be given information about the program in your lectures.

If you are enrolled in participating subjects you will have automatic access to the Maths Skills SHE LMS site where materials, and information about the program, are available.

There is information in the Maths Skills Section on each subject’s LMS site. Learning materials are provided both on the subject’s LMS site and the Maths Skills SHE site.

Students in participating subjects do not have to be enrolled in the Maths Skills Program to get access to the worksheets.

If you want to use the MyMathTest online program, you can enrol in the program by contacting one of the following people:


Email general inquiries:

Dr Deborah Jackson:


Dr Sabine Wilkins:

Albury Wodonga:

Dr Susan Lawler:

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