Starting a project

NVivo projects typically include the following tasks:

  • Creating a new project file and importing research materials
  • Coding data
  • Capturing thinking in memos
  • Creating cases for each participant
  • Creating or editing a classification (e.g., a person classification to capture demographic characteristics) and linking it to each case
  • Running queries
  • Visualising data
  • Saving and backing up the project


To create a new project file and import research materials:

  1. Open NVivo 12 from the Start menu, or a desktop shortcut if installed.
  2. Select the Blank Project tile and enter the file name, description, and location on your computer for the file.
  3. From the Import tab, select Files
  4. Select the files to be imported and click the Import button.


The following video shows how to start a new project and import files.