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 Covers these journals:

  • Australian Banking and Finance Law Bulletin
  • Australian Bar Review
  •  Australian Health Law Bulletin
  • Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin
  • Australian Journal of Corporate Law
  • Australian Journal of Family Law
  • Australian Journal of Labour Law
  • Australian Property Law Journal
  • Competition and Consumer Law Journal
  • Constitutional Law Policy Review
  • Employment Law Bulletin
  • Insurance Law Journal
  • Journal of Contract Law
  • Journal of Equity
  • Torts Law Journal

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Covers these journals:

  • Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal (ADRJ)
  • Australian Business Law Review (ABLR)
  • Australian Intellectual Property Journal (AIPJ)
  • Australian Journal of Administrative Law (AJ Admin L)
  • Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law (AJCCL)
  • Australian Law Journal, The (ALJ)
  • Australian Tax Review (AT Rev)
  • Building and Construction Law Journal (BCL)
  • Company and Securities Law Journal (C&SLJ)
  • Criminal Law Journal (Crim LJ)
  • Environmental and Planning Law Journal (EPLJ)
  • Family Law Review (Fam L Rev)
  • Insolvency Law Journal (Insolv LJ)
  • Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice (JBFLP)
  • Journal of Judicial Administration (JJA)
  • Journal of Law and Medicine (JLM)
  • Local Government Law Journal (LGLJ)
  • Northern Territory Law Journal and Reports (NTLJ)
  • Online Currents (OLC)
  • Property Law Review (Prop L Rev)
  • Public Law Review (PLR)
  • Queensland Lawyer, The (Qld Lawyer)
  • Tort Law Review, The (Tort L Rev)
  • Workplace Review (WR)

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