Plan your time

Use the assignment calculator to plan your assignment schedule:

Assignment calculator

Understand your topic

Researching can be time consuming, therefore careful planning is critical.  This example will help you understand the process: 

"Discuss the core professional issues for occupational therapists working in aged care"

  • Identify relevant keywords and alternative keywords to start your search
  • Think about the differences in spelling e.g. ageing or aging
  • Consider variations in terminology e.g. aged or elderly or "older person"

A concept map will help you focus, and structure your search

Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
professional issues occupational therapist aged
professional ethics occupational therapy older person
code of ethics OT elderly

Search tips

  • Combine your keywords using OR and AND e.g.
    • "professional issues AND "occupational therapy" will find results which include both these keywords
    • aged OR "older person" OR elderly will find results which contain any of these keywords
  • Use the asterisk * to truncate terms, e.g. therap* will find therapy, therapist, therapists
  • Use double quotation marks to search by phrase, e.g. "type 2 diabetes" or "quality of life" or "aged care"

Example search

Combine your keywords for a library database search:

  "professional issues" OR ethics
AND OT OR "occupational therap*" (note the use of asterisk and quotes)
AND aged OR "older person" OR elderly

Places to search

Library Search and Library databases will retrieve scholarly resources for your assessments, but other sources such as government websites will be helpful.