Types of resources

Scholarly journals publish articles by researchers and practitioners within a discipline. They report on original research, often use terminology specific to that field, and usually contain an abstract or summary.

Peer reviewed journal articles go through an additional process of checking by experts to ensure they are free of errors, and that the methodology and data used is sound. Authors then revise their work before the article is published.

In the Proquest and CINAHL databases you can select a check box to display only peer reviewed articles in search results.

Sometimes you will need to check further:

  • Examine the article
  • Check the journal's table of contents or
  • The journal's information pages to see if the journal is peer reviewed

Find a journal article:

A journal article citation will include the journal title, volume, issue and page numbering.


In Library Search, enter the article title in the search box (e.g. Consumer participation in a youth mental health service).

If you can't find the article in Library Search, go to the Journals tab and search for the Journal title. Check if the date you need is available, either online or in print. You will need to use the volume and issue number to help you locate the article.


Use Library Search to search for books from the library:

Find a book:

You can recognise a citation to a book by the inclusion of place of publication and publisher:

To find a book in Library Search, enter the exact book title, a few words of the title, or a combination of the author's name and a word from the title (e.g. communicating higgs) into the search box.

When you find a book in Library Search, select the Get It tab to see where it is located, or View Online to access the eBook.

Library Search


You may need to locate a chapter from a book, this citation will include the title of the chapter, followed by 'In' and the book title:

See the eBooks guide for more help with eBooks