What is Open Access?

Open Access (OA) refers to free public access to scholarly works. OA published works are:

  • free to use
  • free to share
  • copyrighted
  • subject to license agreements

Publishing in OA journals makes your work available to researchers and the general public and benefits society by making research freely accessible.


Why publish in Open Access?

  • Benefits to researchers
    • OA speeds up the pace of scientific discovery as researchers get prompt access to the work of other without paywall restrictions – this enables them to build on the work of others
    • the increased visibility of OA works may lead to more citations
    • exposes your research to the wider community and can enable you to demonstrate wider impact and engagement to funders and assessors
  • Benefits to the broader community
    • OA allows taxpayers to see the results of publically funded research without having to pay
    • OA works are freely available to everyone including researchers in less resourced institutions, professionals outside academia and lay people in the community.
  • Benefits to education
    • teachers and students have access to the latest research