Delivery methods

The two main delivery mechanisms for Open Access are called Green OA and Gold OA.

Green OA refers to depositing your article in an OA repository, like La Trobe’s OPAL (Open @ La Trobe) which is the institutional repository for La Trobe University.

Gold OA refers to publishing in an OA journal.

OA journals have much in common with non-OA journals:

  • they conduct peer review
  • the quality of scholarship varies
  • they are indexed in citation databases.
  • they need to be economically sustainable

Business models

OA journals have many business models and revenue sources

The most common models are:


Free Publication Fees Hybrid
  • No fees
  • Commonly known as "article processing charges" or APCs
  • Journal publishes both OA & non-OA articles
  • Journal financed by advertising, donations or other revenue sources
  • Fees charged when article is accepted for publication
  • Author chooses the OA option & pays a publication fee
  • In Australia, usually funded by grants or authors themselves