What you need to know about redistributing your work

Depositing your work in an institutional repository is mandated by many public funding bodies (e.g., ARC, NHMRC). ResearchGate and Academia.edu will not meet funder’s requirements.

It’s important that the publisher’s agreement permits you to legally deposit a version of your work in an open access venue such as La Trobe’s repository, OPAL or a subject repository.

Check the publisher’s agreement before you deposit or self-archive your work. You can find publishers’ self-archiving policies on the journal’s website and the Sherpa/Romeo database (this advice is embedded in OPAL so you can check when you upload).


Which version can I self-archive?

 Publishers use the following names for the different versions of manuscripts. It’s important that you know the difference between them so you understand your rights when signing and complying with an agreement.


Pre-print The original version submitted to a journal. 
Post-print   (accepted version) The version that includes any author changes following peer review. It does not include any publisher value added features such as copy editing, formatting and pagination.  Keep and deposit this version in Research Online.
Publisher’s version     (published version) The version that appears on the publisher’s website. It includes professional typesetting and publisher logos.