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Plan your assessment

Find scholarly resources

Library databases


Comprehensive coverage of sport, exercise physiology, physical fitness and related disciplines

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Australian material on sport administration, children, coaching, economics, medicine, psychology and Olympics

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Clearinghouse for Sport

Australian Government knowledge sharing platform for leading sport and active recreation agencies

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Business Source Complete

Premium peer-reviewed, business related journals and indexing and abstracts for scholarly business journals

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Informit Complete

Australasian scholarly research for the education, research and business sectors

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What is a scholarly journal?

Can I use Wikipedia?

Develop your search

Break your topic down into the following types of words:

  • Task (or direction) words - words that tell you what to *do*
  • Content (or subject/topic) words - the "meat" of the assignment (key concepts and words), particularly useful for finding secondary, scholarly sources
  • Limiting words – words that help you work out where you need to focus (time and place)
  • Context words - sentences or phrases that may help you frame your assignment

Identify relevant keywords and alternative keywords to start your search.

Think about the differences in spelling e.g. ageing or aging.

Consider variations in terminology e.g. aged or elderly or "older person".

Use OR between similar terms or synonyms to broaden your results

Use AND between different terms or concepts to narrow your results

Use * after a word to find different variations of a word ending - e.g. sport* to find sport, sports and sporting and Australi* to find Australia and Australian