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Do you have the skills you need to achieve at uni? Click on the modules below to find out what you need to know, learn great tips, try out your skills, and get linked to more help.

Finding information

Learn how to find the information you need to do your assessment tasks. Find out how to use the Library catalogue, databases, Google Scholar and more.

Using information

Learn how to evaluate the quality of information for use in your assessments.

Academic integrity

Find out how to evaluate what you read, how to put it into your own words, and how to avoid plagiarism.


Learn why it's important to acknowledge information, find tools to help you get your referencing right every time, and get answers to your referencing FAQs.

Study skills

Learn how to study effectively at uni, including getting the most out of your classes, doing teamwork, preparing for exams, learning online, and doing enquiry based learning.


Are you overwhelmed by all the reading you have to do? Learn how to be a smart reader and find out all the tips about reading in your discipline.


Learn how to tackle writing at uni, from understanding the question to editing your work and everything in between. Find out how to be a good writer in your discipline.


Whether you're a native speaker of English or from a non-English speaking background, find explanations, tips and exercises to help you improve your grammar, punctuation, listening, speaking and vocabulary.


Learn how to be a great presenter, from preparing your talk to delivering it, whether you're on your own or in a group.


Get help with the maths skills you need to succeed in your course, whether you're in Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, Business, Education, or Arts and Humanities, or just need some assistance with statistics.