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Working with external staff

Sensitive data

If you need to share potentially identifiable or sensitive data with external staff, please consider:

  • The recommended location for storing electronic research data is Research DataSpace, both during your research and post-project. The benefits of using  Research DataSpace are that it is highly secure, automatically backed up daily and accessible remotely. Personal and Group space is requested through ASK IS, and it is possible to add external collaborators into group accounts.

  • Online Research Notebook (LabArchives) which can be used by an individual researcher or research team to manage, store and link digital research data, including any type of file. This allows sharing with any external researcher. Further information can be found here:
  • The AARNet FileSender tool is the recommended way to securely share files with internal and external collaborators (both sending and receiving). It can also be used to send and receive sensitive data with research participants.
    Files are encrypted during transfer, and it is possible to set expiry dates, maximum download numbers, and download notifications to further control the security of the data.

Non-sensitive data / De-identified data

For sharing deidentified or non-sensitive data, as well as the options above, you may also wish to consider:

  • Open @ LaTrobe (OPAL) is a collaborative digital repository for researchers in both colleges, professional staff, and graduate researchers to store, share and publish their digital files. It accepts all forms of digital research outputs including audio, video, PDF, images, code, datasets, presentations and more. Please note that OPAL doesn't have a document editing function, and is designed for completed documents.