What we have

This includes collections in the following subject areas:

  • Abolition & emancipation - slave trade
  • Art exhibition catalogues
  • British colonial reports 1889-1939
  • Church Missionary Society records
  • Civil war unit histories
  • Colonial Secretary's papers 1788-1825 : Archives Office of New South Wales
  • Confidential U.S. State Department central files: Mexico & El Salvadore
  • History of the cinema 1895-1940
  • The history of nursing archival materials from Columbia University
  • National Security Archive index
  • Punch 1841- 1954
  • Radical pamphlets
  • Records of antebellum southern plantations
  • Sahel: documents and dissertations
  • Schomburg clipping file - Collection of 1 million newspaper and periodical clippings, typescripts, pamphlets, broadsides, programs, menus, etc. relating to African-American activities back to 1925
  • 20th century legal treatises: from the holdings of the Harvard Law School Library
  • Microfiche of the Court of the Arches Lambeth Palace Library
  • Working women in Victorian Britain 1850-1910