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Choose a tool


Some things to consider when choosing a program:

  • is the program compatible with my operating system and word processing package?
  • do I need remote access to my reference collection?
  • do I need to share my reference sets with others? What are they using?
  • can I transfer my references to another system? Different organisations may use different systems.
  • am I willing to undertake some online tutorials or attend some training to learn how to use the software effectively?
  • where are my references stored? (on a local drive/or specific computer or in the 'cloud' ?)
  • is the program available on University-owned computers? (Usually not an issue for web-based tools).
  • which tool do researchers in my discipline tend to use? Does it matter?  (Talk to people in your department.)

Comparison table

There are many more referencing tools available. For a comprehensive comparison table, visit Wikipedia's Comparison of reference management software

  EndNote Zotero BibLaTeX Mendeley Paperpile
Free of charge? No, but La Trobe has an institutional license so no cost while at LTU Yes Yes Yes from US$2.99 per month
Desktop or web? Desktop and web Desktop and can be synchronised on Zotero server Desktop Desktop and web Web
Referencing styles Over 6000 styles Over 6000 styles Most journals that support LaTeX have customised BibLaTeX style files Over 6000 styles Over 6000 styles
Direct export from database Available from most academic databases 100s of web resources allow direct export of records Some From many databases Some
Word processing integration MS Word, open office MS Word, open office google docs LaTex MS Word, open office, Google docs Google Docs
Mobile & iPad iOS only 3rd party apps No Yes No