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Exit planning

Exit planning

The Project RDM plan should include details about the long term management of data collected during the project. This will be either:

  • Open public sharing of non-sensitive data (further info)
  • Secure storage and destruction of sensitive data (further info)


The La Trobe University Research Data Management Policy sets out the university's expectations when a researcher leaves the University - see section (46):

  • When a researcher leaves La Trobe they must ensure custodianship of their data is transferred to an appropriate researcher as determined by the Head of School or other organisational unit. All original data must remain at La Trobe, unless otherwise agreed with the researcher or the researcher's new organisation (if any) covering the ownership and storage of the materials.

The Research Exit Checklist on the staff intranet is also directly pertinent. Section Three - Research Materials and Data sets out the following requirements around research data:

  • All research data has been stored, recorded, transferred or disposed of correctly as required by Research Data Management Policy, Research Data Retention and Disposal Policy, Records Management Policy, funding requirements and pertinent legislation. 

Before leaving the University you should also consult the documents linked below.