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What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is "the use of best research evidence, along with clinical expertise, available resources, and the patient's preferences to determine the optimal management options in a specific situation" (Liamputtong, 2013, p. 453).

The 5 As

The EBP process is often described as a series of 5 steps. These steps are often given different names but all describe the following:

This main focus of this guide is on Ask & Acquire - formulate an answerable question and find the best evidence for your question.

Ask convert your information needs into an answerable clinical question
Acquire find the best evidence to answer your clinical question
Appraise critically appraise the evidence for it validity, impact and applicability
Apply integrate the evidence with clinical expertise, the patient's values and circumstances, and information from the practice context
Assess evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency with which steps 1-4 were carried out and think about ways to improve your performance of them next time

Hoffmann, T. (2013). Evidence-based practice across the health professions (2nd ed.). Chatswood, N.S.W. : Elsevier Australia, pp.7-11.

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