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Online learning

Online learning

Whether it is an entire subject or a single assessment, you will do some online learning during your time at La Trobe. Below are some resources and tips for making the most of your online learning opportunities.

Software and programs

Key to a successful online learning experience is understanding the software and programs that you will be required to use.

  • For Wi-fi (eduroam) and VPN setup, see Connecting.
  • To log-in or set up your student Email, see Office 365.
  • To download free software through La Trobe, see Software downloads and support.
  • For the location and availability of computers on campus, see Campus labs.
  • To learn more about the Learning Management System or LMS, see LMS support.
  • For help with Echo360, PebblePad, Zoom, InPlace, Turnitin and Microsoft Teams see Study Tools.
  • For help with databases, Google Scholar and researching online see Finding information.
  • For information on Endnote, Nvivo and SPSS, see Expert Help Guides and select “Referencing and managing information.”
  • Technical Support – if you have any questions, see the Live Chat at Student IT Support.


Classrooms, whether in-person or online, are professional environments and all students are expected to behave appropriately.

  • For guidelines on appropriate behaviour, see our resource, La Trobe’s guidelines on participating in online learning, below.
  • For tips on how to participate in online discussions, see our tips for class participation.
  • For sending emails to lecturers and staff, see our tips on academic culture.

Tips to stay engaged

Maintaining motivation and engagement is an important part of uni study. But with online learning, you may find it more challenging to stay motivated and engaged  Below are some resources to help you.

Pathfinder link

Still have questions? Do you want to talk to an expert? Peer Learning Advisors or Academic Skills and Language Advisors are available.