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Cheating is defined as "a failure to comply with any reasonable direction or instruction of an officer, employee or agent of the University relating to the conduct of the formal examination or assessment" this includes:

  • copying from another student in an exam or on a task
  • using prohibited material (notes or phones) in an exam
  • paying someone else to do an assessment task for you (this is called 'contract cheating')
  • using freely available content or tools to complete an assessment task which you were required to do individually.
  • if you bring unauthorised materials (e.g. phones, notes) into exams, you are cheating
  • if you are not sure what you can and cannot take with you, check with your tutor or lecturer before the exam date

Buying (or freely accessing) assessment tasks is forbidden and will result in automatic expulsion from the University:

  • some websites persuade you that it is ok to buy assessment material
  • they look official and advise that quality is guaranteed
  • if you are found guilty of contract cheating, the penalty is exclusion from the University without readmission.

What happens if you cheat

  • the biggest loss is that you are not learning anything
  • your qualification will not be worth as much as other students
  • you will go into the workplace unprepared
  • if you cheat at university, how are you going to progress in your workplace?
  • allegations of cheating are recorded on your academic transcript which will limit your chances of finding employment
  • if you have been found guilty of cheating, or you fail to disclose an allegation of cheating, some professions may refuse you admission or accreditation, e.g. law, accountancy
  • you will fail the task or subject
  • you will be suspended from the University and
  • you will be excluded from the University without completing your degree, and with a permanent record of cheating on your transcript.

Further information

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