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Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities


  • Don't submit your own work for assessment if it has already been submitted for assessment at another time (including another institution), without the express permission of the academic staff member who will assess the work
  • Consult and use the University's guides and information in this module, in order to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct
  • Consult with staff when in doubt about any matter where plagiarism or other academic misconduct may be involved
  • Attend individual meetings or group instruction sessions when you are counselled to do so by your tutors, subject coordinators or an academic integrity advisor


  • Never purchase or commission work and submit this as if it were your own work
  • Comply with exam conditions, for example, do not bring unauthorised materials into the exam
  • Observe and apply the University's academic integrity values, ethical standards, and practices of honestly conducted scholarship


  • Declare all printed, electronic, graphical, artistic work, and other kinds of sources from which you obtained material or ideas used in work submitted for assessment
  • Acknowledge sources in the ways approved and expected by the dicsipline and school in which the assessment is set.


  • Produce assessments independently, except when you are asked to participate in a group project which requires a joint group response to a task
  • Ensure that when doing group work, the scholarship of the group's submissions has been honestly conducted and properly referenced
  • Ensure that you do not knowingly or carelessly make your work available to other students in any form


  • If you are a new undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student, you must complete the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) during your first semester of enrolment.  This is a fully online module and will take about one hour to complete.

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