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Exams are an important part of many subjects at uni and can sometimes feel stressful. Below are some tips and strategies to help you prepare for your exams.

Sitting an exam

Revising for exams

  • Learn about the test. Find out how long the test is, what kinds of questions (multiple-choice, essay, problem-solving) and what material it will cover.
  • Prioritise material for review. Material that is difficult or unclear should be prioritised first, while material that is easy and clear should be prioritised last.

Tip: Go through learning outcomes, week by week, and assign each one a “hard,” “medium” or “easy” grade. Prioritise the hard material first.

  • Create a study schedule in your calendar and plan to review relevant subject material before the exam (this may take several weeks).

Tip: Work backwards from the exam date and set several study goals along the way. Plan to have a final review of all relevant material a day or two before the exam.

  • Use different study methods. Review and summarise notes, make flashcards, take quizzes, reread texts or explain key concepts to someone else.

Tip: Using different methods to cover the same material can help in learning.

  • Take practice tests or questions (check subject LMS) to measure your progress.

Tip: Take any practice tests or questions under exam conditions to help you prepare.

  • Form a study group with fellow students.

Test anxiety

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Still have questions? Do you want to talk to an expert? Peer Learning Advisors or Academic Skills and Language Advisors are available.