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Create a list

Before you create a new list, search for your subject code in Reading Lists. If a list for your subject code already exists, please edit the existing list rather than creating a new one. Log in to edit. Your Reading Lists profile is automatically created with your name and La Trobe email.

To create a new list, Log In and click My Lists. Select Create new list from the top right of the screen.

  • Name your list: Subject code - Subject name e.g. ABS0WOM - Wominjeka La Trobe
  • Include in description: Subject Co-ordinator: Firstname Surname e.g. Subject Co-ordinator: Nellie Green
  • Click Select Hierarchy
  • In the search box search for your subject code or subject name and click on the "Subject" listing when it appears.
  • Add student numbers if known
  • Do not add a time period
  • Click Save.

Getting Started

This video introduces you to Reading Lists. Reading Lists are set up by Subject Coordinators to provide required and recommended readings and resources to students.



Talis Bookmarking Extension

In the video there are instructions for downloading a bookmarklet tool. However, It is recommended to use the official 'Talis Bookmarking Extension' instead of the original 'Add to my Bookmarks' bookmarklet tool due to increased security in browsers. It is available for the Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. You can have both tools installed at the same time.

Instructions on installing the browser extension can be found on the following page Installing the bookmarklet extensions for Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox



Key Dates

A reading list should be ready for use 2 weeks before the subject teaching period commences. Please place all digitisation and purchase requests in advance.

Further resources