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Create a new EndNote library

Create a new EndNote library

To create a new EndNote library:

  1. Select File from the main menu, then New.
  2. Save the library with a meaningful name to your hard drive.  
  3. Click on Save.

Your new library will look similar to the the following:

EndNote reference management software, Clarivate Analytics, Version 20, 2020


EndNote libraries consist of the main library file which has a .enl extension and the data folder that has a .data extension. The data folder is automatically created by EndNote and is stored in the same location as the library file. The main function of the data folder is to store attachments. You must have both files in the same folder or directory to open your library. Never delete the .data file. Back-up copies of your library must always include the data folder.

If you checked the Save as Package, your library is created with a  .enlp extension that includes the .enl and .data files.