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Known issues

Known issues

Selecting and highlighting text is misaligned (the text that is highlighted is not where your cursor is). Workaround: annotate your PDFs in an external PDF application or use the annotation workflow in the free EndNote for iPad app.
When attempting to insert a citation into Word, you are returned to the library window or receive an Error message. This problem occurs because Mojave’s new Security & Privacy functions can prevent EndNote from being able to correctly automate. To correctly set these options: Go to: >System Preferences >Security & Privacy >Privacy tab >Automation options, then turn on both "Microsoft Word" and "EndNote X#".
The most up to date release of Office 2016/2019/365 has Word version 16.xx installed. Endnote X8.2 (Bld. 13302) and later are compatible with this version of Word. Endnote X7 is compatible with Word 2016 (version 15.xx only). You can revert your version of Word 2016 to version 15.xx.
The direct export function with Chrome and current Safari browsers on a Mac OSX does not import directly into EndNote - the browser saves a file on the Desktop. Use Firefox instead of Chrome or Safari.
When exporting references from an online database into EndNote, the proper filter should be identified automatically. If you are prompted to select an import filter:
  • Check to see if the correct filter is missing from the "Filters" folder. In EndNote, click the EndNote drop down menu in the top left hand corner of the screen and choose "Customizer". When the Customizer window appears, add a check next to "Additional Import Filters" and click "Next" twice. After the Customizer has completed, try exporting to EndNote again.
  • Try to capture the reference into a text file to make sure it contains data. If you are using Firefox, click on Firefox > Preferences > Applications. Under the Actions column look for a setting that says open with EndNote and change to "Save File." The file can then be saved and opened in TextEdit or Word. Once it has been verified that the exported contains data, the Firefox preferences can be reset to open the file with the EndNote application.
  • Check the EndNote program folder for a sub-folder called "Filters". If the "Filters" folder is missing, remove the partial EndNote installation from the Applications folder and reinstall the software.

Added 11 April 2019

Importing references that have been downloaded from an online database can cause an error to appear within EndNote desktop. First, a Finder screen appears, with only the Cancel button enabled. Once you click Cancel, the following error appears:

Error Message - Library in Use

Take the following steps to attempt to resolve the issue:

  1. Update EndNote desktop to the latest version (EndNote X9.1.1 – as a of publishing this correction). To update EndNote, open EndNote. From the top menu select EndNote X9 -> Check for updates.

  2. Ensure EndNote desktop is running and your current library is open, and then attempt the import by double-clicking on the citation file (e.g. citations.nbib, scholar.ris or Primo_RIS_Export.ris, etc).

  3. If double-clicking on the reference file to import does not work, try importing the references from within EndNote desktop.

    1. Open EndNote desktop. Ensure your current library is open.

    2. From the top menu, select File -> Import .

    3. On the screen that appears click the Options button (bottom/left).

    4. From the ‘Import Options’ field select the appropriate option for the reference file you are trying to import. For example, if you are trying to import a scholar.ris or Primo_RIS_Export.ris file (files ending in .ris) then select ‘Reference Manager (RIS)’ from the list.
      Reference Manager RIS type

    5. For files downloaded from PubMed or other online databases, you may need to select a different ‘Import Option’. From the drop-down list, select ‘Other Filters’.

    6. On the screen that appears, type in the name of the online database and select it. For example, for PubMed, select PubMed. For Medline, select MEDLINE (OvidSP), etc.
      Choose Filter

    7. Click the Choose button.

    8. Then, on the import screen, select your file and click the Import button.

If you continue to encounter this problem, please contact the Library to organise an EndNote one-on-one session.
macOS Catalina is scheduled for release in October 2019. OS Catalina does not support 32-bit applications.
EndNoteX9 has been updated for compatibility with Catalina. To continue using EndNote with Catalina, you will need to install the required updates. Further information is available from Clarivate's EndNote support site. EndNote X8 or earlier users will need to either delay upgrading to Catalina or install EndNote X9 and apply updates.