About Scopus

Scopus allows you to search for citation counts and analyse the citation impact of authors and articles. 

Subject coverage: chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering, life and health sciences, social science, psychology and economics, biological, agricultural and environmental sciences and general sciences. Refer to the Scopus Content Coverage Guide for more information. 


  • Broad overall subject coverage
  • Very strong coverage of science and technology journals
  • Useful tools for author identification


  • Only guaranteed citation analysis coverage spanning back to 1996
  • Limited coverage of arts, humanities and social sciences journals

How to find citation metrics

Citation counts and author h-indexes are displayed on Scopus author profiles. 

Watch the following video to learn how to search for an author profile on Scopus. 

Scopus tutorial: How to search for an author and view their profile by Elsevier (YouTube)


The following video explains how to use Scopus to assess an author's citation impact.