Tips for use

  • You can find eBook titles through Library Search or from the A-Z database list for specific eBook collections.
  • Found a title you want to access? Use your La Trobe University username and password when prompted.
  • Read online if you are accessing an eBook through a computer in the library.

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What will I need to use an eBook?

You will need your La Trobe University username and password to login to an eBook.

Publishers use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to control loans and prevent unauthorised copying.  Any eBook with DRM (this includes our two major eBook collections) will need an eBook reader to enable downloading.

For PCs and laptops you will need Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe ID
For mobile devices we recommend Bluefire reader, and you will need an Adobe ID

Details and links are in the Read online or Download section of this guide