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Find and access newspapers online in Trove and in the library using microform technology.


Top tips

  • You need to use the terms /language used at time as Trove searches text digitally and is text-matching not searching current keywords or subjects
  • Refine a simple search by Decade (via left bar) to see the historical specificity of a term or issue
  • Using advanced search, you can select Victorian (or Victorian and National) newspapers only and filter by specific newspapers by going to ‘[show titles]’
  • Advanced search allows you to add place, ethnicity, name and more details to your search
  • On home page, click the title of newspaper & you will see brief description of paper & graph of what’s been digitised to date
  • Link to other primary sources (pictures and books) on the right hand side
  • Use the Trove Search Help Centre for further assistance

Microform collection at La Trobe University

You need to know about microform technology because it is the only stable and durable physical format for historical newspapers and related documents storage and access.

Follow the instructions provided in the microform collection room to operate the readers.

The only way to find articles is to browse (or scroll through the microfilm) by date, so you need to know the date(s) or approximate date(s) of an event you are researching.

Find out the Australian newspaper titles and time periods we have available on microform in the library by checking our expert help guide to finding newspapers:

Some of the other items in our microform collection include: