Background research

Google the company name to look for some information to get you started. Look for:

  • Websites
  • Media reports, articles and news items
  • Annual reports and market announcements

On their corporate website, check "About" or "History" to find out some background. See if you can find out if they are listed, a subsidiary of a public company, or a private company. Are they based in Australia, another country, or a parent company overseas?

Scroll down for research tips on finding company profiles and reports, news and media, research articles, announcements and historic information.

If it is a small company, determine the country and industry they are operating in, and look for a wider report on that industry if you cannot find a company profile or report.

Find market research reports

Database tutorials - find company reports and profiles

Find Australian company information using IBISWorld database.

  1. Select the magnifying glass to search
  2. Choose to search by Company or People
  3. Enter the company or persons name and search
  4. Click on the correct company to find business details

Company research

Access up to date, full text news articles via Library databases.

Research tip:

Log in at the links below with your La Trobe username and password for free full text access to premium content.

Access the following academic databases via the library for full text access to academic journals.

Research tip:

You may not find published journal articles on a specific named company. Search for keywords describing the industry they are operating in to find relevant research.

What is an annual report?

A financial report or statement issued by a publicly listed company to its shareholders

What does it include?

  • Statements of financial performance, financial position, and cash flow
  • Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and business resolutions to be discussed

What are company announcements?

Under share market listing rules, listed companies are required to publish a number of reports to inform the market of their activities. 

Examples include: takeover announcements, prospectuses, chairman's address, periodic reports (including the annual report), company administration, issued capital, notice of meeting.                                                    

Company announcements in Australia rated market sensitive are processed as a priority. They become available for free 20 minutes after release.

Research tip:

Try the following websites for annual reports and company announcements

Historical records are useful when you want to look at company changes and growth.