Financial analysis

Financial ratios

Using ratios, you can compare a company's financial performance to the industry average and reveal relationships between items appearing on balance sheets & income statements. For example, current assets to current liabilities, or net income to net sales.

Most ratio sources are industry based and organized by the industry code ANZSIC.

Financial deals


Finding audit reports

Using DatAnalysis Premium select Search Tools / ASX Announcements PDF Search

select the search tool


Using the following search form, enter in the following requirements:

  1. Section A (optional) = Listed companies (for any company)
  2. Section B - Announcement Type = Periodic Reports
  3. Section B - Announcement Sub-Type = Full Year Audit Review
  4. Section B - Accouncement Date Range = select your required dates
  5. Section C (optional) - use to search for qualified ("emphasis of matter" or "adverse report" or "disclaimer of opinion" ) or unqualified reports
  6. Select the Search button

When looking at the results select the Annual Report of a company and go to the section of the report that contains the Independent Auditor’s Report.

Required areas as described in steps 1-6

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