Database tutorials - find industry reports

Key resources

An industry profile reports on and analyzes key aspects of an industry.

When searching for information about an industry in a specific location, don't forget to add the geography to your search, for example:

  • wine industry and australia
  • "dairy industry" and "new zealand"

These databases and websites include media reports in newspapers, newswires, business publications and television.

Industry and professional organisations

Industry Associations are key information gateways for their particular industry. Through membership lists you can identify the major players and stakeholders within the industry and access up-to-date industry news and events, industries’ response to issues, business surveys and reviews, research papers and business publications.

Some key Australian industry associations and directories are listed below. For more industry associations, do a Google Search. Some examples:

  • "Australian industry associations and mining" to look for mining associations in Australia

Industry classification codes

Industrial Classification Codes are numerical, used by government and business for classifying industries. They are a useful tool when searching for businesses in an Industry sector and for evaluating or benchmarking performance within an Industry. Many databases allow searching by these codes to create lists of companies by industry.

Common industry codes include: