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Known issues

Known issues

Issue: When trying to access library resources, keep getting CAPTCHA verification message.

Suggestion: Try logging in via the University VPN.

Issue: From CINAHL you can choose to send an export of your search results to your email address. However, when attempting to open the link in the email, the platform returns a '404 error'.

Suggestion: EBSCO have advised that this issue is intermittent and will be fixed in an upcoming update. They suggest attempting the export again.

Issue: ClinicalKey requires registration before login and also for La Trobe University Network to be recognized

Suggestion: If you are not seeing a green bar Welcome! We recognize your network - La Trobe University click on 'Log in via your institution' under 'More options' and choose La Trobe University by typing in the search box or selecting group 'Australian Access Federation (AAF)'

Issue: Unable to view page, get one of the following error messages:
  • Header too large
  • Bad request
  • Error message 400
  • Request header field exceeds server limit.

Suggestion: This is a known browser issue with Firefox, and these are some ways to fix this issue

Issue: Upon trying to access a webpage, get error - It looks like you may have logged in to (sic) many times in your session. Please return to your last successful login and try again. If you continue to have trouble accessing Library resources please contact us to check your access details.

Suggestion: This is usually caused by having multiple browser windows open, causing too many logins. Log out and clear your cookies and cache.

Issue: Broken links when trying to access Informit content. This is a known issue due to the update of the Informit platform.

Suggestion: to search for articles, journals or videos go directly to Informit .

Issue: Unable to login

Suggestion: There are a few different login pages for various La Trobe University services and some require slightly different versions of your username to be entered. Try the following:

  • Does the login page look like the one below? Use your student number / username (e.g. 12345678) or staff username (e.g. JSmith). This is the part before the or

    Typical grey login screen 

  • Eduroam requires you to use your username followed by or e.g. or
  • Please note, this is not your email address.
  • There is a known issue where the login to databases "expires" and will not work despite your login working elsewhere. You will need to reset your password.
Issue: Unable to access (General)

Suggestion: Try again at a different time - there is a limit on concurrent users.
Logout when finished with a Standard or Download it to free up access for another user.

Issue: Accessing and using PDFs from Standards Online.

Suggestion: PDF files downloaded from Standards Online are encrypted and can only be opened in a PDF viewer. If you try to open this file in any other application, such as a web browser, you will receive an error (such as "Failed to load PDF document"). Please ensure that you are always using a supported viewer and that it is kept up to date. Once you receive a notification in your browser that the file has downloaded, right click on the notification and choose "Show In Folder" to locate the file on your computer. Then open by right clicking on the file and choosing “Open with” Acrobat Reader.
You will see a Security Warning: This document is trying to connect to:
If you trust this site, choose Allow.

Standards Online have updated how their content can be used and require all distributors to ensure that users are not able to breach their licence requirements - the FileOpen plugin may be needed for Adobe Reader software.

The FileOpen plugin limits usage of Standards Online content to only what is allowed in the licence agreement:

  • Access to open and save the document for one user on one device. If you would like access for more than one user, please select the Multi-User PDF option
  • Ability to print the document twice
  • No ability to cut and paste from the document
  • More information on SAI Global Digital Rights Management.
  • Logout when finished with a Standard or Download it to free up access for another user

Issue: Error messages when trying to login.

Suggestion: SciVal requires you to register individually before you can access it.

Issue: Staff having trouble accessing.

Suggestion: Login to the VPN then go to this URL