Getting started

You can view your Academic Profile at https://scholars.latrobe.edu.au.

You can edit your new profile by logging into My Publications and clicking on 'Edit your profile'.

Alternatively, if you are on the Academic Profiles system, there is a 'LOGIN' button at the top of your profile page, which links to My Publications. Further system instructions can be found on the intranet.


Profile photos

The University supplied photo sessions have now finished.
Yes - this can be done via My Publications. Go to 'edit your profile' - 'Manage photo' then browse your computer / Network to select the picture or drag the photo into the space, then press 'save'. The image size should be bigger than 180 x 180 pixels, and the file size must be less than 6MB. Further information on uploading a picture can be found in Editing academic profiles - Upload a picture.


Biographical information

There are no options for changing your name, department or title in My Publications. The HR record is the source of this information, and so changes must be made to the HR system for the data to then be included in My Publications, and subsequently display in your profile.

Information from the HR system is fed into My Publications on a weekly basis. It may take up to 10 days for any changes to flow through to the Academic Profiles system.
Only the degrees entered in My Publications are displayed in the Academic Profiles system. To add your qualifications, log into My Publications, and click 'Edit your profile'. Scroll down to Education and click 'Add a degree', and complete the dialogue box.

Note: Any changes made in My Publications will take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your profile.
The Academic Profiles system only lists the courses you input into My Publications.

Note: Only 'Courses taught' and 'Courses delivered' are displayed in your profile.
Yes - provided your name is on the Graduate Research School's Supervisor Register.
For assistance in writing the Biographical section of your profile you can speak with your supervisor, or repurpose material you have written for other sites such as LinkedIn. The RED (Research Education and Development) team have also created an online Digital Academic Module to assist Graduate Researchers, ECRs and all researchers in creating and managing their digital profile. Library Research Support can also provide you with exemplar profiles and additional support. Contact us using the Research support page.


Grants and contracts

The Research section of your profile displays externally-funded projects (this includes competitive grants as well as contract research projects) that have been uploaded directly from Research Master. This information is edited in Research Master by the Research Office.
Only projects entered into Research Master will be displayed (i.e. where a RAS was completed).

For the period between 2007 - 2013, only ARC or NHMRC grants will be displayed. Projects that commenced prior to 2007 will not be displayed due to a lack of available data.

Because of potential confidentiality issues, contract research and consultancy projects will only be displayed under certain conditions - i.e. if the work was commissioned via a public tender process or if we have written consent from the client/partner.

Projects will not be displayed until all relevant agreements have been executed. This includes multi-institutional agreements for ARC and NHMRC grants. Your project may therefore not be listed if relevant agreements are not yet signed.
Due to the potentially confidential and sensitive nature of commissioned or collaborative research with industry / public sector partners, these projects will not be made public without prior consent from the project's primary client / funder. It is important to maintain the confidence of our partners.

Researchers will be contacted by the Research Office with a list of projects on which they are currently listed as project lead in Research Master. This will be an opportunity to contact former clients and partners in order to seek consent to have these projects displayed.

Projects may be displayed if evidence is provided that it was funded via a public tendering process.
As project data is coming directly from Research Master, any changes will need to be made in the Research Master database. Requests for corrections will need to be sent via email to libraryresearchsupport@latrobe.edu.au.

Details to include in your request are: description of issue / request, project title, Research Master project number, and grant / tender reference number if you know it.
This will need to be actioned directly in Research Master - please send your request to libraryresearchsupport@latrobe.edu.au.

Details to include in your request are: description of issue / request, project title, Research Master project number, and grant / tender reference number if you know it.
HDR scholarships will not be displayed in profiles until a later date.
Your profile is only able to display investigators who are La Trobe staff members. If you wish to list your external collaborators, you can do so by mentioning them in the biography section of your profile.
Yes - please email libraryresearchsupport@latrobe.edu.au with your request.

Details to include in your request are: a description of issue / request, project title, Research Master project number, and grant number if you know it.
At this stage we are not listing the amounts awarded. Note, this is an interim system until PRIME is up and running, at which point this decision will be reassessed.

Unfortunately there are system limitations that prevent this. Data for projects feeds from the Research Master database, and this data is also used for other purposes, such as reporting to Government on our research. As such we’re unable to include research projects that were wholly funded and completed elsewhere.

If you transferred the project to La Trobe while it was still active, then it should be in the system already. If it isn’t, please email libraryresearchsupport@latrobe.edu.au with your request.

You can otherwise add information relating to past projects to the biography section of your profile.