Academic profiles for Graduate Researchers

La Trobe University recently launched Academic Profiles for Graduate Researchers. This is part of the PRIME Program.

Your Academic Profile helps you to:

  • identify with the University as a researcher
  • start building a research network
  • show-case your research interests, activities and involvement
  • improve your professional image and standing in the research community.

To view your profile search for your name in Academic Profiles.

Do I need to request my academic profile?

All Graduate Researchers (PhD, Professional Doctorate and Masters by Research students) automatically have a profile. If you don't have a profile, or have any queries about your profile please contact Research support page.

Important first steps

If you have a question not covered in this section, please see the graduate researcher frequently asked questions section at the end of this page, and the Academic Profiles FAQs page in this guide.

Make sure you can login to My Publications

Go to My Publications and login using your institutional La Trobe username and password. Your username will have the format "jsmith" or similar. You only need to enter your username, not an email address, in the username box. For example:

My Publications login screen

Do not use your student username and password. 

If you have any problems accessing My Publications, please make sure you have activated your new Graduate Researcher account. Information and instructions are on the PRIME website. Otherwise contact Research support page.

Note: any updates you make in My Publications will appear in your Academic Profile the next day.

Add a biography

When you first view your profile it may look a bit empty, and you may wonder about how you can improve it. An important first step is to add a biography. Login to My Publications and edit the "Overview" section. See the step by step instructions on the Editing Academic Profiles page. Your updated information will display in your Academic Profile the next day.

Tips on writing a biography

Even if you haven't got a big track-record in academic areas yet, it's useful for people to know that you're a participator and what research areas you're passionate about. Think about relevant organisations or causes you've volunteered with and include these.

Although you can't add links in your biography, you can include a link as part of the text (after an organisation or project name). Only do this if you can provide a neat link. It's really good to include this if you are named on the website, e.g. as a volunteer, or part of the executive committee.

You can also speak with your supervisor, or repurpose material you have written for other sites such as LinkedIn. The RED (Research Education and Development) team have created an online Digital Academic Module to assist you in creating and managing your digital profile. For additional support contacts see the Research support page.

Add a picture

You can also add a picture to your Academic Profile. If you have attended the recent photography sessions you will be prepared with a picture ready to load. Otherwise you'll need an appropriate high resolution image.

  • file size must be less than 6 MB
  • image size should be bigger than 180 X 180 pixels (note: a picture can be cropped if required in My Publications).

Then follow the steps on the Editing Academic Profiles / Upload a picture page.

Add relevant links

You can also add links to websites such as your Twitter or Google Scholar account, or a professional blog. Follow the steps on the Editing Academic Profiles / Link to websites page.

Graduate Researcher Academic Profiles frequently asked questions

Why can't I login to My Publications?

If you have problems accessing My Publications:

  • make sure have activated your new Graduate Researcher account. Information and instructions are on the GRS PRIME site.
  • check you are using your new Graduate Researcher username. This will be of the format "jsmith" with no spaces or dots. You only need to enter your username, not an email address.

For further assistance please see Research Support page.

How do I activate my new institutional account?

You need to activate your new institutional account before you can access My Publications. Information and instructions are on the PRIME website.

Why aren't my updates showing in my Academic Profile?

Any updates you make to My Publications will display in Academic Profiles the following day.

What information do I include in my biography?

For information on writing a biography please see the "Tips on writing a biography" section on this page.